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Painted Pottery

1. Choose a piece of pottery. We have hundreds of pieces!


2. Choose your colors from our palette of  glazes. All of our glazes are non-toxic and completely washable.


3. Create your masterpiece. We have sponges, stamps, stencils, and more to help inspire you.


4. Sign your masterpiece and leave it with us. We'll glaze and fire your piece, and you can pick it up in 10 days. 


Don't want your pottery glazed in our kilns? No problem, just use our acrylic paints instead of our glazes. 




We have a wide range of pottery pieces and the price you see is the price you pay. We don't add any extra studio fees. 

Check out our color wall!



1) Choose one of our mosaic forms. We have frames, crosses, animal shapes, trivets, and more.


2) Select your colors and types of tesserae. (The small pieces of glass, ceramic, or gems you'll be using.)


3) Arrange your tesserae on the mosaic shape and glue them when you're happy with the design.


4) Take your piece home and grout it the next day. ( Or we can grout it for you for a small fee.)

Do you like puzzles? Then you will love mosaics!


Mosaic art works have been around for over 2000 years! Created with small glass pieces, tiles, gems and even stones, the design options are infinite!


Canvas Art. 

You will be able to pick from several different designs to paint.  We will supply you with all the materials and detailed instructions to confidently complete your masterpiece.  Bring your friends and you can each paint a different canvas of your choice at your own pace! Perfect for a girls night out, date night, or fun with friends. 16x20 $25, 12x12 $15, and 8x10 $10.

Bottle Slumping

Got empty wine or liquor bottles? We can turn them into awesome and usable conversation pieces for your home.  With this process we can create spoon rests, cheese trays, serving dishes or just a really cool coffee table piece for your guests to admire. 

Soft Clay

Soft clay is $20 for your first pound, $15 for the second, $10 for the third, then $5 for each subsequent pound.  and includes two firings.

Ater you pick up your clay you can take it home to create anything you can imagine, or you can relax in our studio and take advantage of our large amount of tools to help you create!  It takes about a week to let it dry and fire, then you can come back and paint your creations and we will fire it another time to make it last forever!







Life Casting by appointment

Life casting, an art form that long ago preserved likenesses of Egyptian pharaohs, now creates fine, life-like replicas of the hands you love, the faces you cherish, and the people you want to remember----exactly as they are today. $45 per hand, Body casts, "belly $200, full torso, $350








Wheel Throwing

Pottery Wheels  

There are two ways to use our in house pottery wheels. 

1. You can rent a wheel for $45 per visit, and this includes 2lbs of clay.  Additional clay can be purchased for $5 a lb.

2. You can join our clay club and use the wheels as much as you like. Additional information can be found on our clay club page. 

3. We offer throwing classes on a by appointment basis.  Please call or come by to schedule yours. $100 per person per class.   

All thrown pots will be held until dry then fired to bisque so you can come back and glaze them with our glazes in about 10 days.  All glaze and firings are part of your wheel rental, or club membership.

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