Mosaic Party

Mosaic parties are one of our most popular and fun parties! We start with the initial of each child's name. We paint, we glue, we giggle - lots! Then the sparkle and excitement begins as the table is filled with lots of colored glass gems, sparkle and shine. It's a rainbow of colors and so much fun hearing all the squeals! Each one is an artistic masterpiece. They are taken home the day of the party and are very impressive! Ask about our custom piece options! 

$230.00 for 1-10 guests. Each Additional guest $25.00. *


Party Animal 

Figurines, race cars, frogs, fairies, and much more! You can make it a Handprint Party where each child paints a tile and it's topped off with their handprint. Add their name and date, and it's a life long memory for the family that can be hung on a wall or set out on display.

$200.00 for 1-10 guests. Each additional guest $20.00.*


Lets get our hands dirty!

This party lets your guests get there hands on real professional ceramic clay! Each artist gets a pound of clay and use of our tools and instruction to create there very own sculpted masterpiece.  Creations will be held at the studio to dry, then we will fire it and call your guests to come paint there art at no extra cost! 

$230.00 for 1-10 guests.  Each additional guest $25.00

Canvas Party

Bring out your inner master painter! We will instruct your party step by step how to create their own awesome canvas art.  Choose a theme, from super heroes, Disney, or even abstract art! 

$200.00 for 1-10 artists with our 8x10 canvas without a stencil.  Each additional guest is $15.00.

$220.00 for 1-10 artists with our 8x10 canvas with a stencil. Each additional guest is  $20.00.

$220.00 for 1-10 artists with our 12x12 canvas without a stencil. Each additional guest is $25.00.

$270.00 for 1-10 artists with our 12x12 canvas with a stencil. Each additional guest is  $30.00.

$325.00 for 1-10 artists with our 16x20 canvas with a stencil.  Each additional guest is $35.00.

Optional Add-on

Add a custom birthday plate for the guest of honor.  Have all the guests sign the plate and we will decorate and glaze it! It's a one of  a kind keepsake just for your child! 



Parties For Adults

Our studio experience is a great option for get-togethers and parties. Plan your next celebration or workplace team building event with us! Please call for details about our adult options. 


*All party packages require a minimum two weeks advance notice and a non refundable $40 deposit to secure the date and time.  Cancelations must be 24 hours in advance to receive credit for your deposit. 



Whether you’re the bride-to-be, expectant mom or friend of the engaged couple in charge of the “couples” shower, this is the place to be!  We can help you plan your event, choose your pieces and accommodate your large or small party.  Just give us a call and let us help you to customize this special event.


Corporate Team Building

Looking for something unique to share with your coworkers?  Bring them to Kiln it!  Painting pottery is something everyone has a great time doing (even if they’re skeptical at first). We will play a few rounds of pass the cup.  Everyone will have a limited amount of time to paint a coffe cup then pass it to their left.  We will continue this until the cups make one full rotaion and everyone has painted on everyone elses cups! The fun continues back at the office when everyone is trying to figure out who painted what. 







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